Skyrim ruined my life

Remember when I said I was going to be a real life blogger and blog about things?

But now I’m here, and I’m gonna try a little harder, I promise!

…okay no one really believes that, but you screw you, Pikachu.  Also, I had this joke sitting in my draft box from the last time I tried to start this blog, so man I ain’t even coming up with original material.  OTL  B-but hopefully I’ll make it up to you guys with some talking and sushi photos?  I’ll divide it up into two posts, because it just feels more ~organized~ and I’m all about the organization after cleaning my kitchen today! (Read: girlfriend did most of the work, I passed her things, wiped a few cupboards and looked adorable in bright red lipstick)

…but okay yes moving on now.

I began this month with plans, guys.  Plans of cooking, plans of dressmaking, plans of Gam Mak.  Plans of exercising and organizing, being awesome, feeling great.  It was gonna be awesome.  It was gonna be radical.

Instead, I got sucked into some fuckers’ thief guild, had a moral dilemma over elf racism and fursecution VS freedom to worship Viking Jesus, busted up an illegal drug ring, and accidentally become engaged to a Hagraven after a night of too much mead.

Guys.  I made the biggest mistake of my life, and there’s no going back.

I started playing Skyrim.

Whoever drew this is my new favourite.

It was just gonna be a quick taste, honest.  My younger sister had asked for Skyrim for Christmas, since my home base had only just become equipped with a PS3 (we were a little behind with the next gen consoles, okay?), and I’d heard a bunch of awesome stories about the game from various buddies.  So, when my Sweetheart and I visited my parent’s place over Christmas break, I figured there’d be no harm giving it a little go.

Little did I realize the potency of the drug that is Skyrim.

Before I knew it, I was hooked.  The first quest was easy enough: escape bonds.  Listen to some schtick about a civil war.  Run away from a dragon.  And then… whatever.

I’d never played a game in which I could just pick a direction and start walking, and find something fun to do.  It was unlike anything I’d ever played, and holy banana phone was it fun.  Before I knew it, my Redguard lady was sniping bandits, robbing people blind, and slaying dragons with fire spells and salvaged Forsworn swords.

See, Skyrim is interesting in that it isn’t just an RPG.  Sure, it’s a fantasy game with a big fantasy quest with dragons to kill and kingdoms to save:  but it’s also a stealth game along the lines of Metal Gear Solid (which I also have ridic amounts of love for).  You can craft armour and potions, then sell it to turn a profit.  You can steal things and outsmart guards.  You can dungeon dive and go treasure hunting.  You can woo pretty ladies and be in lesbians with them, or devote yourself to the Companions and (spoilers!) become a werewolf.  You can go on strange quests for gods, or deliver fake letters to a woman from her jealous lovers to smear the names of her other suitors.

It’s just brilliant!  I can do whatever I feel like.  The game morphs around my playing style, offering up quests that would interest me based on how I’ve been playing the game.

Do you know how much a game like that hurts your productivity, guys?  Do you know how awful it is?   I come home from work, fully intending to do awesome stuff, and instead I sit down and play Skyrim.  I spend my days off adventuring and stealing instead of working on sewing or writing or whatever else I could be doing.


Alas, what can I do?  I’m a sucker for a fun game.  At least I got some awesome stories out of it. OTL  My addiction does seem to be settling down somewhat, so hopefully I’ll get back on schedule insofar as awesome-ing goes.

In other news, what I’m up to this week:

  • DRESS~!  I’m assembling the muslin for my Cambie Dress!  I’ll get some photos after I’ve started working with the actual fashion fabric, but hurrah!  A dress is happening!  I also bought Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, which has so far been an awesome resource.  My seamstress skills have totally levelled up just from reading it, and I can’t wait to try some of the new techniques on an actual garment.  Ooh, I also bought a dress form, since I had some unexpected cash land in my lap, so that is exciting sewing news.  Maybe I can do some draping and stuff!
  • Writing…?  I surprised myself by spending my 30 minute work break churning out a short story the other day!  For a first draft, it was actually pretty good.  It got me thinking, too, that maybe what I need to write is a pen and paper!  I seem to get stuck when I attempt writing in Word (new documents scare me, okay!?), but the words just… flew out of my pen.  So maybe it’ll be the start of a new trend this week, eh?

Anyway, that’s all for now.  This is counting as last weeks post, since I was a HUGE FLAKE and didn’t write it.  There will be something mid-week, come hell or high water!  (…that means for you to whip me, Lola, if I try and skive off writing it so I can play more Skyrim.)

Peace! ❤


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