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Skyrim ruined my life

Remember when I said I was going to be a real life blogger and blog about things?

But now I’m here, and I’m gonna try a little harder, I promise!

…okay no one really believes that, but you screw you, Pikachu.  Also, I had this joke sitting in my draft box from the last time I tried to start this blog, so man I ain’t even coming up with original material.  OTL  B-but hopefully I’ll make it up to you guys with some talking and sushi photos?  I’ll divide it up into two posts, because it just feels more ~organized~ and I’m all about the organization after cleaning my kitchen today! (Read: girlfriend did most of the work, I passed her things, wiped a few cupboards and looked adorable in bright red lipstick)

…but okay yes moving on now.

I began this month with plans, guys.  Plans of cooking, plans of dressmaking, plans of Gam Mak.  Plans of exercising and organizing, being awesome, feeling great.  It was gonna be awesome.  It was gonna be radical.

Instead, I got sucked into some fuckers’ thief guild, had a moral dilemma over elf racism and fursecution VS freedom to worship Viking Jesus, busted up an illegal drug ring, and accidentally become engaged to a Hagraven after a night of too much mead.

Guys.  I made the biggest mistake of my life, and there’s no going back.

I started playing Skyrim.

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My Year of Being Totally Awesome

First, let’s talk about this time last year.

Around this time, last year, I was about to head back to my place in Vic from a rather melancholy Christmas holidays at home when my mother finally broke me down enough to admit that yes, I was feeling pretty depressed, and yes, I did want to go see a doctor about that.  Sure enough, I was clinically depressed, and before I headed home to Victoria I was given a prescription for some meds to start taking and a strong recomendation to link up with a therapist.

Time passed; stuff got a bit better, then a little worse, then better again, then a LOT worse, but slowly I improved.  I swapped medications around, started and ended and re-started my relationship with my now fiancee, and moved into my very own, very grown-up apartment with her.

I wouldn’t trade 2012 for anything — I learned a lot about myself and what I can do, and I nurtured a relationship with an amazing, beautiful, smart, loving, talented, fabulous woman, with whom I’ve felt happier and more secure with than I’ve felt in a long time.

But, well… insofar as concrete things to be proud of?  To show off to people and to use as physical reminders of my success?  I didn’t really do much!

I’ve had a game I’ve been trying to make for 2+ years now that I haven’t really gotten around to.  I’ve taken up sewing, but so far haven’t made anything I can actually wear.  I’ve taken up baking and cooking, but kinda sorta haven’t done much along those lines in a good while.  I’ve had a plan for an awesome comic that hasn’t flourished beyond a quick note on my phone and a million and a half ideas busting around in my head.

Being depressed is DEPRESSING.  It should go without saying, but gosh.  I just think back to the really low times, and I can feel myself getting all moody and sad and unproductive again.  So, this is why I’ve decided to make 2013 an awesome year!  I want to be AWESOME all over the place.  I want to start that comic, I want to hand-sew a good portion of my wardrobe, I want to cook dinner for my fiancee and bake cookies on the weekend and finally get a fucking game cobbled together.

And I’m gonna record it all here!  This will be a place in which I log my triumphs and frustrations, where I share cool links to things, recipes I come up with/adapt, creations I create, rants I need to rant — I want it to be my journal of this year, and when I look at it in January of 2014, I want to go “wow that is a lot of stuff I did”.

So, here I go.  Wish me luck, and I hope you follow along with the stuff that you’re interested in, and maybe develop some tertiary interests along the way.  This is gonna be an eclectic mix of a blog, since I have an eclectic set of hobbies, haha.

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